Our experience

Over 20 years' experience

Integrated Analysis has over 20 years experience in delivering leading community consultation and integrated technology solutions. Our experience is industry specific so we know the unique requirements of major infrastructure development projects:

  • Our work meets and surpasses industry standards and requirements.
  • We understand the environment and unique dynamics affecting major infrastructure developments.
  • We are experienced in managing the legislative, regulatory and tender requirements.

Industries and sectors

Integrated Analysis has delivered projects for both the Private and Government Sectors.

Our experience encompasses:

Transport Projects

Client: Department of Transport and Infrastructure, NSW

Project: Bus Reform Strategy, 2007 - 2010

This project incorporated extensive consultation regarding proposed changes to bus networks throughout major population centres in metropolitan and rural NSW.


  • analysis of surveys and submissions generated by the consultation process
  • preparation of report explaining public reaction and identifying the major issues with the proposed amendments to the bus networks

State Transit Authority:

Project: State Transit Automated Ticketing System (STATS)


  • planned and implemented consultation and communication campaign
  • conducted field trials of new technology

Australian Rail Track Corporation

Project: Southern Sydney Freight Line

Experience: Appointed as the Independent Community Relations Representative with the responsibility of overseeing compliance with community relations statutory obligations for this project.

  • chairing Community Liaison Group meetings,
  • overseeing complaint handling and notification procedures and
  • providing dispute resolution services

Road Projects

Integrated Analysis has managed community relations during the construction of major new road and road upgrade projects:

Client: Cross City Motorway Consortium (CCM), comprising Baulderstone Hornibrook, Bilfinger Berger, Deutsche Bank, Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings.

Project: Cross City Tunnel: The first and only east and westbound route allowing traffic to bypass the city and the first fully electronic tolling tunnel in Sydney.


  • minimised disruption to everyday life in Sydney for residents, businesses, commuters and visitors throughout construction. Construction activities were surrounded by 30,000 homes and businesses, sometimes less than 2 metres away.
  • maintained traffic flow and pedestrian safety while working on busy city roads. Approximately 580,000 vehicles accessed the Central Business District of Sydney daily.
  • oversaw the community relations team who liaised with businesses and residents along the project route, managing issues such as noise, vibration, dust control, access and traffic control.
  • managed four community liaison groups, including a specific Air Quality Consultative Committee, who met regularly, enabling residents and businesses to contribute to decision-making about important issues.

Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW

Project: Bells Line of Road Strategic Long Term Corridor Study


  • produced Community Involvement Plan & project website
  • established and populated a database of key stakeholders

Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW

Project: Victoria Road Upgrade


  • managed communications during the project start-up phase prior to the establishment of an Alliance,
  • identified the key interest groups including local business, residents, recreational users & key stakeholders;
  • identified the consultation requirements for the project and a strategy for ongoing community engagement
  • provided an initial point of contact and manage enquiries

Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW

Project: Windsor Road Upgrade including Windsor Flood Evacuation Route


  • managed community relations for each of three separate contractual packages delivered by Abigroup, Daracon and Baulderstone.
  • liaison with affected property owners, communities, businesses and stakeholders
  • produced information materials
  • conducted specific consultation for out of hours and extended hours applications.

Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW

Project: Third Hunter River Crossing, Maitland


  • Facilitated community liaison group meetings during the Environmental Impact Assessment Phase of this project which includes providing a new central corridor with two new bridges and about 5 kilometres of new road. The road works are expected to be completed and open to traffic in early 2011.

Water Projects

Integrated Analysis has been engaged directly by water utilities, Regulating Authorities and Alliances of corporate and government bodies to manage community engagement and communications for both infrastructure construction, planning and policy development.

Client:Sydney Water & the Water Delivery Alliance (comprising Bovis Lend Lease, McConnell Dow, KBR, Woolley Parsons and ERM)

Project: Sydney's Desalination Project (water delivery system)


  • managed community relations during the construction of the 18km desalinated water pipeline that was tunnelled and trenched through heavily populated residential and commercial areas of Sydney


Project: Sustainable water management


  • facilitated an international working group of Water Utilities and Regulatory Authorities from UK, Canada, NZ and Australia. Triple Bottom Line Reporting: Societal, Economic and Environmental Sustainability.

Sydney Catchment Authority:

Project: Establishment of the Sydney Catchment Authority


  • communications and Stakeholder engagement during the formation of the Sydney Catchment Authority
  • established Regional Consultative Committees
  • conducted consultation during the development of the Regional Environmental Plan
  • managed consultation for the development of Plans of Management for the inner drinking water (Special Areas)
  • conducted consultation for the making of Regulations under the Sydney Water Catchment Management Act 1998.

Sydney Water Corporation

Rowena Lennings has developed a detailed understanding of Sydney Waters Corporation's (SWC) operating climate, its stakeholders and issues relating to water provision and waste water management through providing consulting services to SWC and the previous Sydney Water Board over the past two decades.


  • Sydney's Desalination Project
  • Biosolids Strategy
  • Cronulla Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade
  • Environmental Flows EIS – Hawkesbury Nepean
  • Special Areas Catchment Plans of Management
  • Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessments of Chemicals in Sewage Discharge in the Ocean and the Hawkesbury
  • Sydney Water project, and
  • Clean Waterways Program


Specific Skills include:

  • designing and facilitating workshops to resolve the conflicting interests of stakeholders
  • producing briefing materials in preparation for, and reports following these workshops
  • devising and analysing questionnaires and submissions
  • designing and implementing consultation processes to involve the wider community
  • facilitating technical review panels and community representative groups
  • developing communication tools

Land Salinity Projects

Client: Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Trust

Project: Development of land and water management plans

Experience: Facilitated stakeholder engagement in the plan development and implementation process

Forestry Projects

Client: State Forests NSW

Project: Forest Management Plan for the Coffs Harbour/Urunga Forest Area

Experience: Managed consultation throughout environmental assessment process

Contaminated Land Projects

Project: Dioxin Remediation of Homebush Bay/Previous Union Carbide site

Experience: Facilitated the community and technical reference group and managed consultation activities during the Environmental Impact Assessment phase

Client: Waste Service NSW/Marrickville Council - Redevelopment of the Tempe Tip site

Experience: Implemented communication strategy and community attitude survey

Client: Olympic Co-ordinating Authority

Project: Review of Olympic Co-ordination Authority's environment strategy for the remediation of Olympic Park site at Homebush Bay


  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Review of representations

Waste Projects

Client: Waste Services NSW

Project: Regional waste management strategy for the Macarthur Regional Organisation of Councils


  • Preparing and implementing communication plans
  • Producing and distributing information materials
  • Facilitating community and stakeholder engagement in developing the strategy.

Client: Collex (now Veolia Environmental Services)

Project: Woodlawn Bioreactor: The largest waste processing facility in the Sydney basin


  • managed community relations for the start-up of construction
  • Facilitated community and stakeholder meetings

Mining Projects

Client: Sydney Gas

Project: Coal Seam Methane (CSM) Gas Extraction: Central Coast NSW


  • Conducted a review of community and stakeholder concerns
  • Prepared a report to guide consultation process for future exploratory projects

Economic Development Projects

Integrated Analysis facilitated the participation of a variety of local community and stakeholder groups in the formulation of strategic plans and regional development strategies intended to stimulate local economic growth.

Client: Murray Darling Catchment Management Committee

Project: Shepparton Regional Development Plan

Experience: Facilitated stakeholder engagement in the development and implementation of growth plans.

Christmas Island Development Plan:

Experience: Managed consultation with this remote and ethnically diverse community

Riverina Regional Development Board.

Project: Junee Regional Development Plan

Experience: Facilitated community participation in the design and implementation of the plan

Environmental Impact Assessment Projects

Integrated Analysis has managed stakeholder and community consultation during the Environmental Impact Assessment phase of many controversial infrastructure developments for both public and private sector organisations, these include:

Project: Dioxin Remediation of Homebush Bay & previous Union Carbide site

Experience: Managed of key stakeholders and community engagement during the environmental impact assessment that resulted in the residential and commercial development of the Rhodes Peninsular.

Replacement Nuclear Research Reactor, Australian Nuclear Science Technology Organisation (Lucas Heights, NSW)

Experience: Planned and implemented consultation activities during the environmental impact assessment

Second Sydney Airport Proposal: Badgery's Creek & Holsworthy

Experience: Co-ordinated consultation activities during the environmental impact assessment phase.

Upper Georges River Recycled Water Pipeline

Experience: Managed community relations on behalf of Sydney Water during the environmental assessment phase of this proposal.

Environmental Flows – Hawkesbury Nepean

Experience: Conducted stakeholder and community engagement during the environmental assessment process.

Local Government Projects

Client: Launceston City Council

Project: Launceston 2020 Vision: Priorities, Goals and Values. A guide for Council's future planning decisions


  • Devised and implemented community consultation plan
  • Extensive community survey
  • Managed community events including "Youth Vision" music challenge
  • Final report and newspaper supplement

City of Sydney Council

Project: Kent Street Cycle Route, Sydney CBD


  • Conduct business and stakeholder consultation
  • Analysis of surveys results and submissions
  • Preparation of representations report

Willoughby City Council, Sydney

Project: Forum for apartment owners: Create mechanisms to improve communication between apartment owners and Willoughby Council

Experience: Planning and facilitation of annual forums, preparation of report and recommendations

Holroyd Council

Project: Review of Greystanes Estate Precinct Plan

Experience: Engaged to review community consultation process conducted by the developer


Research & Evaluation Projects

Integrated Analysis has conducted extensive research projects in environment, health and community welfare.
Rowena Lennings has also been appointed as an independent evaluator of several community engagement processes

Client: NSW Environment Protection Authority

Project: Statutory Licensing Review, an evaluation of the administration of all the statutory licensing functions within the EPA.


  • Desk top & stakeholder research
  • Report with recommendations

NSW Environment Protection Authority

Project: Review of Local Government Authorised Officers Program


  • Desk top & stakeholder research, surveys and workshop facilitation
  • Report with recommendations

Landcare Australia

Project: Evaluation of Western Sydney Drainage Initiative: identification of lessons learnt


  • Field research, stakeholder consultation
  • Report preparation


Project: National traffic road noise policy


  • Facilitated working sessions of the Australian and New Zealand road transport and traffic authorities
  • Prepared report of outcomes

Department of Planning (NSW) (Hazardous Materials Coordinating Committee, NSW Government)

Project: Preparation of a discussion paper on communication issues relating to the management of hazardous materials in NSW


  • Desk top & stakeholder research, surveys and workshop facilitation
  • Report with recommendations

Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS):

Project: Research on-line gambling amongst young people

Experience: Joint research project with ACOSS and MLB Consulting entitled "Youth Perceptions of Gambling and the Impact of Future On-Line Gambling Services on Young People."

Australian Psychological Society

Project: Member's services marketing strategy

Experience: Designed and conducted a research program to support the marketing of members' services.


Project: Incoming Caller identification technology pilot study

Experience: Conducted pilot research projects that explored community reaction prior to the widespread introduction of incoming caller identification technology.

National Health Medical Health and Research Council:

Project: Research paper Risk and Economics in Environmental Health

Experience: Stakeholder research, review of risk communication strategies and recommendations

Northern Territory Health Service:

Project: Audit of therapeutic service delivery for the treatment of intravenous drug abuse in the Northern Territory

Experience: Conducted research interviews, stakeholder consultation

Facilitation: From internal strategic planning sessions to multi-stakeholder international workshops.

Integrated Analysis has extensive experience in chairing community liaison groups for a diverse range of projects including the:

  • CSIRO, Triple Bottom Line reporting
  • Southern Sydney Freight Line
  • Windsor Flood Evacuation Route
  • Cross City Tunnel
  • proposed re-development of the Gladesville Hospital site, Rozelle
  • proposed redevelopment of the Attorney Generals Building, Macquarie Street.
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