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Successful community engagement

Communities and stakeholders affected by large infrastructure developments have two major needs: (1) They want to be informed and consulted and (2) they want their concerns responded to.

Successful community engagement occurs when both of these needs are met. This is what Integrated Analysis helps you achieve.

Overview of our services

Our services cover (1) community consultation - the voice of your project where we inform, engage and build relationships with affected community members and key stakeholders - and (2) data management - the systems you need to meet regulatory reporting and compliance requirements. We provide a range of solutions that include the technical platforms needed to gather and analyse data from the community and major stakeholders to provided targeted and timely responses.

Community consultation

Community consultation involves multiple elements. We integrate these elements into a seamless, robust campaign, which runs throughout your infrastructure project's lifespan.

Our community consultation services include the following:

  • Communication and issues management
    • This is achieved through:
      • Tactical communication planning
      • Consistent policy, procedure and protocols
  • Integrated community information tools
    • This includes:
      • Community hotline for project information
      • Full production and print of targeted community information collateral
      • Hosting and content management of project website
  • Stakeholder negotiation
    • This aims to secure:
      • Timely access to private property for project works
      • Temporary leases to enable construction activity on private property
      • Business interruption agreements
      • Restoration and land access agreements
  • Facilitation of face-to-face engagement
    • This includes:
      • Community liaison groups
      • Project information sessions
      • Environmental assessment consultation to regulatory standards
      • Internal strategic planning sessions
      • Planning and research focus groups

Data management

Community liaison and consultation requires two-way communication. Input to the project must be captured and processed in a timely and relevant manner to be useful.

The capturing of community feedback and enquiries is also required by regulation.

Our data management and technology integration expertise ensures all data solutions run seamlessly and allow you to capitalise on all community feedback.

Our data management solutions include:

  • Database support and development
    • Customisation of community and stakeholder databases
    • Development of tailored reporting systems for your project
    • Complaint record compilation
    • Project report generation
    • Cleansing and Integration of existing databases
  • Data analysis
    • Capture of community survey submissions
    • Analysis of survey results
    • Compilation of reports on survey findings
  • Research and evaluation
    • Independent evaluation of consultation programmes
    • Research studies
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